Community Guidelines

As our global community continues to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Baseball Bluebook Inc. are committed to ensuring that our platform remains a safe and supportive space for all users. In light of this, we have updated our Community Guidelines to address new concerns related to COVID-19 and to safeguard against the spread of harmful content and misinformation.

Our primary goal is to protect our community members from content that could potentially lead to real-world harm. To achieve this, we have implemented strict policies against the coordination of harm, sale of unauthorized medical supplies, hate speech, bullying, harassment, and misinformation that poses a risk of imminent violence or physical harm. We are actively working to remove such content and uphold the integrity of our platform.

We believe in fostering an authentic and positive environment where users can find inspiration and express themselves freely. To maintain this, we ask that all Baseball Bluebook Inc. users adhere to the following guidelines:

Post Authentic Content: Share only photos and videos that you have taken or have the right to share. Respect intellectual property rights and avoid posting content that you do not own or have permission to share.

Respect Diversity: Post content that is appropriate for a diverse audience. While we understand the artistic value of certain nude images, we do not allow nudity on Baseball Bluebook Inc., except in specific contexts such health-related situations.

Foster Genuine Interactions:  Avoid engaging in spam-like behavior, such as artificially collecting likes or followers. Foster meaningful interactions and refrain from posting repetitive or commercial content without consent.

Follow the Law: Uphold legal standards and refrain from promoting illegal activities, including terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups. Do not engage in the sale or trade of prohibited goods or services.

Respect Others: Maintain a respectful and inclusive community by refraining from posting content that contains hate speech, threats, or personal attacks. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.

Supportive Environment: Be mindful of sensitive topics and avoid glorifying self-injury or promoting harmful behaviors. Help us maintain a supportive environment where users can seek assistance and support.

Thoughtful Posting: Exercise discretion when sharing newsworthy events or graphic content. Provide appropriate warnings for graphic material and avoid sharing content that glorifies violence or promotes sadistic behavior.

We rely on our community members to help us enforce these guidelines and ensure the safety and well-being of all users. If you encounter any content that violates these guidelines, please report it to our team for review. Together, we can keep the Baseball Bluebook Inc. community strong and vibrant.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to creating a positive online environment for all baseball enthusiasts.

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